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March 7th.

I’m not sure what I was expecting while flying, but it certainly seems like it’s business as usual. There are a few people with masks, but no where what I was expecting. I will write a little more later tonight, while at 40k feet over the Pacific.

As I’m sure you have seen, things are getting progressively worse in the USA. Everywhere we look, we are finding cases. I wish I could say this is because we are testing more. We aren‘t. The lack of testing ability is a colossal screwup. We have to identify each infected person before they can spread the virus to someone else. We have to get out ahead of it. Each day of delay, means an exponential expansion of the virus in the community.

As an example, Oregon can test ~40 people a day

Texas can test 30/day

Iowa about 500/day

PA about 12/day

Hawaii < 20/day

Arkansas 4-5/day

NY 100 - 200/day

DE 50/day

Korea tests well over 15k a day.

This is unconscionable. For the richest country in the world to fail this badly by not applying resources to the problem. 🤬

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