For my medical people (and everyone else)

“Common things happen commonly”

People that were tested for SARS CoV2 (The viruses name that causes COVID-19)..... ie those that met the restrictive CDC testing criteria.

Data released from Stanford, CA of 560 people tested for SARS cov2, 22% of them had other viral infections.

Only 49 people had SARS CoV2. So less than 10% of people meeting the CDC criteria (travel, in contact with a known case, etc) were actually infected. They were sick with something else.

Moral of the story. Most sicknesses with fever and sore throat are caused by some other virus (or bacteria).

Other moral, co-infections are possible. So, for example, influenza positive doesn’t rule out a SARS CoV2 coinfection.

For now, common things happen commonly. That fever and sore throat are likely to be caused by something else.


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