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Aussie update

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The march higher continues. But more than 3/4 of your cases are imports from travel in Europe and America’s. IF, they didn’t move much around Australia upon their return then things are in a better state than it appears. ~800 cases total means less than 200 are human to human within Australia.

The numbers will get bigger as all the expats come home and infection is revealed. These should not concern you too much.

It’s the human to human transmission that you should be watching. At the moment, it is low. A few hotspots in Sydney. Hopefully, they can contain.

You are testing well: 3rd best in the world for testing citizens right now. It could be better, but find some relief that they are testing well.

It appears the government is doing their part, are you doing your part?

Adopt good personal distancing behaviors, wash hands, stop touching your face. The better you behave in modifying your behavior the better the country’s outcomes will be for this virus but also for the upcoming flu season.

Loved being home!

Know how lucky you are in Australia and support the hell out of people and small businesses who are struggling right now.

Be nice!

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