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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Things are starting to look a little rough around the edges. Especially, in NSW, but QLD and Vic are not all that far behind.

The upside.

🐟 About half of the cases in the country are imports. So community spread of the virus is not widespread, but it is increasing.

🐟 you are testing at a near world leading pace.

🐟 government has implemented strong travel restrictions.



🦠 you need to test even more and unfortunately testing supplies are becoming limiting (worldwide).

🦠you need to expand testing criteria so it is not so restrictive.

Please don’t discount what this bug can do, both to your health and to the public psyche, prepare your house for significant disruption (but don’t buy anything that you won’t use one day if this doesn’t eventuate), make those small changes now to personal space, washing hands more often etc.

You still have the opportunity to flatten the curve and avoid what is happening in the USA and Europe.

I am not a fan of the media right now, but Dr Mackay is as good as it gets and he is right on the money in this interview.

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