Always defer to the guidance from your local Health Department or the CDC!

What you need to know up front:

  • I am not claiming to be an expert in coronaviruses, medicine, or preparedness. 

  • I have a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from James Cook University, Australia.

  • I am an Assoc. Prof. of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where I teach and research infectious diseases and host immune responses of animals.

  • I get all of my information directly from experts in their fields and from the papers those experts are publishing daily.

  • I mostly write these articles for my family, friends, and students, who value my advice.

  • My email is if you would like to verify the authenticity of my posts.  

Image: David Goodsell


Live Event

I apologize for my conspicuous absence over the last few weeks. I am now almost finally through the emails, and will be able to return to...

What's the deal with Masks?

Masks should not be a political issue. They are a public health issue. But they seem to have stirred up a whole mess of fuss for various...

Flying in the age of COVID-19

written May 16th The evidence of how indoor spaces facilitate transmission keeps mounting. There are recent publications describing a...

Too Good Not to Share

The first sign of a good pharmaceutical intervention for COVID-19! A properly conducted randomized control trial (RCT) using Remdesivir...

Where we are now?

This is a longer post than usual. Sort of where we came from and where we are. I try to address a few conspiracies, rumors etc. I cover...

My Heart and my Home

I sit here today, looking at the data from around the world, and see that we are on the verge of stabilizing this outbreak almost...

C'mon Aussie!

I have neglected my Australian family and friends only because you are smashing this! It may not feel like it, being squirreled away in...


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